Tips to a successful home inspection experience

1.Verify that you realtor has been to the home before the home inspection to ensure that all of the utilities are on. Repeated trips to the property by a home inspector can cost you money. A water heater can take all day to heat up after the utilities are turned on.

2.Obtain two weeks from the time you enter your contract to the date of the inspection objection deadline. Anything less could limit your time to get the inspection done. Also, give yourself time to determine the cost of repairing or replacing defective components.

3. Before going under contract to buy an *OCCUPIED* home, ask the listing agent and/or the seller to respond in writing if they will agree not to limit the amount of time that your home inspector can spend on the property during the home inspection. Do not agree to let anyone limit you or your home inspector’s access to the property during the scheduled home inspection.

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