Sewer scope inspections can help you identify costly defective conditions from within your drain line that you should know about before buying your home.

Adept Home Inspections LLC is a company with a trained, experienced and certified sewer scope inspector who can tell you what kind of pipe you have, and its condition.

A sewer camera that we use has a self-leveling camera and location transmitter at the end of a flexible push rod cable.

sewer scope inspections

Using a sewer scope inspection camera that records video, the inspector can identify in real-time what material your pipe is made of, where it goes, and where any obstructions are.

Specifically, the purpose of the sewer pipe inspection is to assess the condition of the sewer line and to identify any obstructions, leaks, damage or other problems.

A distance counter on the equipment helps the inspector identify how far the defects, joints, elbows, wyes, intersections or septic tank are from the cleanout access.

sewer scope inspections can reveal root intrusions.

Inside the camera head is a sonde 512 hz transmitter that, when activated, can be used in conjunction with a handheld locator to determine where the camera is in the pipe from grade level. Defects are marked on the ground with green paint or flags so that a contractor knows where to start digging if you decide to have them fixed.

Determining the lengths of the pipe sections helps the inspector determine what kind of pipe material the inspector is looking at.

During the inspection, the sewer scope camera records video to a memory card. Shortly after, the video is uploaded to YouTube. A quick link is then embedded in a written report for you to view at your convenience.

Sewer scope inspections and septic tank locates

In the event that you have a septic tank or sewer line that you are having trouble locating because of a toilet that’s stuck to the floor, a lack of a cleanout access, or because the septic tank access is buried underground, our inspector can locate those components with a flushable (down the toilet) 512 hz transmitter.

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